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D’Amico Burchfield, LLP is joining in the fight to contain and ultimately defeat Covid-19 by implementing safety protocols recommended by our government officials. We are determined to continue providing you with the highest level of client service that you have come to expect. We will continue to do our part to help stop this virus by utilizing our remote work policy. During these uncertain times, know we are here to help!
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Power of Attorney

During this time of uncertainty, we are offering to you a Healthcare Power of Attorney free of charge. Now more than ever, everyone should be prepared should a Healthcare Power of Attorney be needed for a family member or trusted friend. The process is simple. There is “no in-person contact” required for the preparation and execution of this document.

Be responsible, the life you save may not be your own. To get started email us at or text us at 401-454-1210.

Family Law Update

The Governor’s current “stay-at-home advisory” does not provide a legal basis for parents to simply refuse to comply with court-ordered visitation and parenting time. If you are under “self-quarantine,” parenting time can continue by either video conferencing or telephone at the very least, and the parent in physical possession of the minor child must cooperate in this modified process.

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