Our firm represents clients charged with drug offenses in state and federal court. These charges often carry very stiff sentences including monetary fines, probation and mandatory jail sentences. A criminal conviction can result in very serious consequences affecting one’s ability to obtain employment, one’s ability for admission to school/or to obtain a scholarship, one’s ability to enter into any branch of the armed services and one’s ability to obtain citizenship in the United States and deportation.

It is critical that someone charged with a drug offense retain aggressive, legal representation as soon as possible. This will allow our team of experienced criminal attorneys the opportunity to investigate the facts of your case and explore all possible options. Often times the aggressive representation provided by our experienced criminal attorneys results in the dismissal of charges or a reduced sentence.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug offense or are the subject of a drug investigation, call the experienced criminal defense attorneys at D’Amico Burchfield for a free, confidential consultation. Our defense attorneys are available around the clock to provide immediate counsel.