Most individuals who receive a traffic ticket believe that they can simply and easily end the matter by  paying the fine. The problem that most people don’t realize is that paying the ticket constitutes an admission of guilt, bringing with it the potential for  serious future consequences that could affect your driver’s license, auto insurance premiums, and even future employment.  A traffic ticket is not a simple matter! That is why it is important to consult with a lawyer immediately upon receiving a traffic ticket even if it is only your first violation.

Our team of experienced attorneys will aggressively investigate the facts of your particular case including taking photographs, contacting witnesses or preparing diagrams in order to best present a defense on your behalf.  This kind of preparedness often results in the dismissal of the traffic ticket or in significantly reduced fines and penalties.

If you or a loved one have been charged with a traffic violation, having competent and aggressive representation will increase your chances of winning your traffic ticket case and thereby, protecting your driver’s license and insurance premiums. Call the experienced defense attorneys at D’Amico • Burchfield, LLP  for a free, confidential consultation. Our attorneys are available around the clock to provide immediate counsel and advice.

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